Skraplister Impala 1966 2dr ht

Art: LV B1054

Excluding Tax
Artikelnr: LV B1054
Lagersaldo: 1 Set
Kan hämtas omgående eller skickas med en leveranstid på ca: 1-3 dagar


Skraplist set Impala 1966 2dr ht.
Innehåller 4st yttre o 4st innre skraplister med kromkant.
Detta är inget ekonomiset utan gjort efter orginalutförande, med bla "vingar" som viks in var 10 cm för att förhindra att listen blir krokig.

1966 Chevrolet Impala; OEM Type Inner and Outer Windowfelt Set; 2 Door; Hardtop

Reproduction of the original style door and quarter window glass run weatherstripping designed for use with 1966 Chevrolet Impala 2 door hardtop models. This correctly reproduced windowfelt set features OEM style stainless chrome beads on the outer window weatherstrips, and reproduction style flat chrome bead on the inner windowfelts. Also includes correct style felt sweeps to help insure a tight seal. Set includes 4 inner and 4 outer weatherstripping for front and rear side windows.

Windowfelt Weatherstrip Set Features:

Plastic Rub Blocks

Anti Rattle Bumpers

Round Stainless Steel Chrome Bead (outer)

Molded Wing Tips

Flat Bead for Inner Weatherstrips

Bullet Shaped Ends

Special Tabs

Tubular Rivets

This original style design is offered for the Chevy owner who seeks a more original cosmetic appearance.

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